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Accelerate technology commercialization in the clean energy economy

There are numerous opportunities to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy’s American-Made Challenges.

No matter the size, your support can help fuel innovation and accelerate a clean energy future. Supporters can sponsor prizes or events, join the Network to support thousands of innovators, provide in-kind support, and more!

Creating a just and sustainable future takes novel approaches and out-of-the-box thinking. Bring your voice. Your ideas. Your background. This is your clean energy revolution.

Become Part of the Revolution

Want to become a partner for the American-Made Challenges? Would you like to sponsor successful teams to help advance technologies? Or maybe you want to provide funding to support a support a specific prize? We would love to hear from you.

Fill out this Partnership Interest Form and we will be in touch.

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Select programs are open to various forms of partnership agreements that enable organizations to support prizes and programs outside of the traditional Power Connector or Connector roles. This includes partners who may help with program direction, assessments, testing, reviewing submissions, consulting, mentorship, and other technical services.


Funding is pivotal to any innovator’s success, so we welcome the engagement of industry sponsors to supplement that support. Sponsors are the people and organizations within the private sectors, offering in-kind, monetary, and other assistance to help competitors advance from ideas to commercialization through mentorship, trainings, and networking. Sponsorship can come in a variety of forms and at various levels.

Learn about specific Water Technology Sponsorship Opportunities by downloading the Water Technology Sponsorship Brochure.

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Expert Reviewers

We’re also always looking for expert reviewers—subject matter experts who review competitor submissions and help during the down-selection process.

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Success Stories

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Water prizes receive generous sponsorship

The vital work being done by prize teams is inspiring even private donors to support their efforts. In early 2022 the Wood Next Fund provided a $300,000 grant to semifinalist teams from the first round of the Solar Desalination Prize and finalists from the Waves to Water Prize, with the goal of helping them advance their renewable energy-based solutions to creating clean drinking water.

"Although approximately 70% of the world is covered in water, only a miniscule amount is actually drinkable due to its its salt content. A solution to this problem would revolutionize water supplies around the globe," said Wood, founder of Wood Next Fund, regarding his gift.

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Wood Next Fund

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